See what our members are saying about their experience at THRiVE.

Just want to let you know what a difference attending the Function and Strength class at Thrive has made in my life. I don’t like to think about what my physical strength and condition would be like if I had not taken the step of joining Thrive. I am not into body building, just into being strong and healthy enough to perform the tasks I need to do everyday. My schedule is a very busy one and I am able to keep up with it because my endurance has improved so much. Anglea, our instructor, is very helpful to us all. She “reads” our bodies and knows just what to do to help us. She know when to push and when not to and to remind us not to push too hard and then injure ourselves. That only puts us behind. She explains the difference between pain and muscles being tired. All of her instruction is helpful and I am grateful to her and to Thrive for having her there.”
— Lane
I never thought of myself as an athlete. Who knew with the momentum I had built by working out and taking classes at Thrive I could transform into one! Over the last couple of years, I saw my body change and get stronger. I had used the classes as a tool to get and stay in shape and I had achieved overall fitness. This year I decided I was ready to challenge myself to new levels. For the first time I worked with a coach at Thrive and a group of amazing women. Together with a plan, team workouts,nutrition coaching and a great dose of “you can do this” from our coach and the staff, I completed my first duathalon at the age of 49! ( Run 5k- bike 17 miles - run 5k!) Thank you for the amazing dose of confidence...

— - Brenda
I thank all of you at Thrive for giving me my life back and now I will have the energy to keep up with my daughter and live. My journey isn’t over I am still in the process of hoping to lose another 20 pounds and would like to actually run a 5k.
— Tammy B
THANK YOU THRIVE! I absolutely love this gym! I love the fact that you all know my name, that you all are so nice and caring and friendly! The 6 week challenge was fantastic. My trainer was amazing! She truly cared for her teams. She helped me so much to feel better about myself, to be stronger, to push myself more, harder. Our nutritionist is wonderful. She knows what she’s talking about and she practices what she teaches which is fantastic….
I love that you were as happy as me when I told you I got in to the size 12 for the first time in 16 years!
— Deb C.
I just finished the 6-week extreme makeover challenge at Thrive for Women in Exeter and was very impressed with every part of this program. The fitness center has a very comfortable atmosphere and all of the staff is extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. My workout partner and I were fortunate enough to have a great trainer through this 6 -week program. She tailored our program to fit each of our individual needs while we were working out together. She pushed us to our fullest potential while making the workouts fun. She switched up our workouts each time so there was always something new and fun to look forward to. Our trainer is a great motivator who explains each exercise in ways that anybody can understand. She would not let us continue with an exercise unless we were doing it perfectly so we would get the maximum benefit from it and not injure ourselves by doing it incorrectly. At the end of each workout, we enjoyed the infrared sauna and the hydromassage in the locker room. We left Thrive each day feeling relaxed, refreshed, healthy and happy. I I look forward to spending much more time at Thrive and to continuing my workouts with A.J.
— Carla A.
Working out at Thrive in the past 8 months has vastly improved my strength, endurance, flexibility and especially my outlook on life. I LOVE the compliments I get! Thanks for giving me the tools and showing me how to use them to make me the best I can be as I start my next 60 years!
— Barb L.
In February 1st when I first made the commitment to myself to lose weight I was a size 20 and would wear whatever clothes fit and did not feel like my style represented me at all. I did not like any of my clothes or the way they looked on me. I hated clothes shopping! I started on weight watchers but was still only down to a size 18 when I started with my trainer and diet coach. I had lost weight but my shape had not changed enough to be in much smaller clothes! After working with trainer & diet coach, I am happy to say that I went shopping last week for my trip to Spain and I was able to buy capris in a SIZE 14!!! And I’m going to keep going down!!

The difference that I have seen in Thrive from another gym is that I really feel a part of a community. I end up talking with people at the end of class and we make the commitment to see each other next week! The childcare is fantastic and they really know my kids. I don’t feel guilty leaving my kids in a room with people that don’t know them at all!t is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10.
— Kyler B.